Redo 11-19

Redo, Red Block image did not display on slide #2

Will this image display?
Test Pattern-cropped-300x300

November 19 Test 1

Image from your library 300 x 300 Th1

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HHS Provider Relief Fund

Nov 19 test 3

Natl Library 620 - 263

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Nov 19 test 4

Image from your library 150 x 182

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Nov 19 test 2

Your Library 620 x 263

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ES Post Upgrade Theme 1

dark blue with white text 150 x 82 pic

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Alternative text

ES Post Upgrade Theme 2

Light blue with white text 25 ch. w/spaces

Lorem ipsum dolor sit125d
Alternative text

ES Post Upgrade Theme 3

Grey with white text

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alt text

ES Post Upgrade Theme 4

Red BG White text

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ES Post Upgrade Theme 5

Light gray with white text and video

orem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas id diam id justo bibendum rhoncus. Sed mollis consequat diam non scelerisque. Donec euismod lobortis libero lobortis lobortis. Nulla scelerisque dolor laoreet lacinia imperdiet. Aliquam malesuada varius augue a iaculis. Suspendisse at neque a arcu fermentum tincidunt eget at justo. Sed tellus libero, consequat ac interdum ut, gravida at purus. Sed ac malesuada urna. Donec feugiat ut ipsum ac pretium.

The image below titled "620x263red.jpg" will not display in the rotator. As seen below it does display the content block and within the image widget.


620x263-red.jpg displaying in image widget, below



Hawaii Document with spaces and comma

Hawaii_COVID19 Update, Nov 20

With spaces only
Hawaii_COVID19 Update Nov 22

WYSIWYG Doc manager upload: Word, PDF, Word doc with comma, PDF with comma

New Test  Named PDF Document Ebonie, Saunders_Test_PDF_Document - this  is the word document saved as PDF and renamed - on the desktop not via the CMS - as a PDF



Ebonie, Saunders_Test_Word_Document - This is the word doc saved as a  PDF file,  but file name not change to reflect this

Ebonie_Saunders_Test_Word_Document - this is a true word doc and should open as such


Ebonie, Saunders_Test_Word_Document

Ebonie, Saunders_Test_Word_Document

ES Post Upgrade Locked Document

ES Post Upgrade Locked Document
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